Certified True Copy of Passport

If you don’t use the services of an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent such as ourselves, to be able to apply for an ITIN, the IRS now requires the original document, or a certified true copy by the original issuer. In short, in order to receive an ITIN, Canadians have no choice anymore. If they want to proceed without leaving the country and without letting go of their passport for many months, they must request a certified true copy from Passport Canada.

What is a certified true copy of passport?

A certified true copy of a passport is a photocopy of your passport done by Passport Canada. It contains the official seal of Passport Canada. It will be the only document accepted by the IRS in order to assess you an ITIN, aside from sending them your passport along with your file.

How to request a certified true copy from Canada

The easiest way to request a certified true copy is to go in person to the nearest Passport Canada office. ATTENTION! Services Canada is not an authorised agency to treat those requests. You can find all the Passport Canada offices under this link.

Once there, all you have to do is ask for a certified true copy to the agent. Please note there is a $45 fee for this procedure. The office will also keep your passport for about one week and then return it to you along with your certified true copy or copies.

Since the fee is for the service, we suggest you ask for 3 copies, in color. These don’t cost more and might be useful later!

How to file a request for a certified true copy by mail from Canada

It is also possible to proceed by mail and save a trip to a Passport Canada office. Here is how:

1. Open, fill out and print this form below. You may need Internet Explorer to open it. If you cannot open it, as was the case for some customers, contact us. We will send you one either by email or by regular mail:

2. Open, fill out and print this credit card payment authorization form for the attached fee of $45. If you cannot open it, as was the case for some customers, contact us. We will send you one either by email or by regular mail:

You may also pay via certified check made to the order of Receiver General for Canada. If you opt for this option, you do not have to fill the second document.

3. Send these 2 documents and your original passport by mail. We recommend using a safe service such as ExpressPost or registered mail.

If no signature is required upon reception of your request, send it to:

Government of Canada

Passport Program

Gatineau (Quebec) K1A 0G3

If a signature is required (in the case of registered mail for instance) send it to:

Government of Canada

Passport Program

22 de Varennes Street

Gatineau (Quebec) J8T 8R1

Attention! Only this address is valid for a true certified copy of passport, no matter where you reside.

Your request should usually be completed inside two weeks. Your passport and certified true copies will be sent back to you by mail unless you specify another address.

How to request a certified true copy if you are in US soil? 

If you are on US soil, there are other options available to you to obtain a certified true copy of your passport that is eligible to be attached to your ITIN application. First, the Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) program is still active in the United States. You can find one near you.

Otherwise, it is possible to visit one of the IRS assistance centers offering this service. Please note that it is necessary to make an appointment by telephone with the chosen center before introducing yourself. The complete list of centers, by state, is available here.

 How to request a certified true copy of passport via an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent? is an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent, so we have the same authority as Passport Canada to issue you a certified true copy of your passport. If you prefer to use our services rather than going to Passport Canada, we can help you! This procedure can be done in person, or even entirely by mail. Visit this page to get all the relevant information.

The whole team is at your disposition to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us , it will be a pleasure to assist you for free and quickly!

We will never charge you a single dollar until you have received your refund

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