We have all the IRS accreditations for the authentication of your ID documents for your ITIN application.
IRS Certified Acceptance Agent

Every year, assists hundreds of Canadians in obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Indeed, as an IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent, we have the expertise and certification required to assist Canadians in obtaining their ITINs, including the ability to authenticate their identification documents. If this expertise was initially obtained with the objective of facilitating casino winners in their tax recovery process, it goes without saying that it is suitable for any Canadian requesting an ITIN number at the IRS.

That’s why officially expands its line of business to offer its expertise to any Canadian wishing to apply for an ITIN number. As a rare Certifying Acceptance Agent in the country, we hope to offer a requested service of many citizens, always in the spirit of offering a turnkey solution at a competitive price, with the outstanding service that has always made the pride of firm.



Who needs an ITIN?

Any non-US resident who is required to file a tax return in the US or who has IRS tax responsibilities, such as third-party source withholdings, must obtain an ITIN number.

Obtaining an ITIN number, if the reason for its necessity is the filing of a 1040NR tax report, is always done in conjunction with the filing of that report. Under this scenario, can assist you in the completion of your W-7 form, as well as in the authentication of your required ID documents. As a result, obtaining a certified true copy of passport at a Passport Canada office is no longer necessary. The client then only needs to attach this W-7 signed by our team, in addition to the certificate of authenticity that we provide, to his US tax return.

Other reasons to file a W-7 to get an ITIN

There are different reasons why an ITIN may be required without a tax return, or before the filing season. These reasons range from a mandatory withholding of passive income by a third party, the direct withholding from wages, interest on mortgage, or even the sale of real estate.

In all of these cases, can offer you a complete turnkey solution. In a single visit or even entirely by mail, we can quickly take care of your complete application. We’ll even send it to the IRS for you!

How to get an ITIN as an Amazon seller

This scenario is so common that it is worth mentioning. If you want to open your online store on Amazon and sell to US customers, you will be asked for an ITIN. This is a common demand that creates a major barrier for many entrepreneurs. Not anymore! Contact us for a turnkey solution for this specific purpose.

Get an ITIN for the sale of your property

Another common case for obtaining an ITIN number as a Canadian citizen is the sale of real estate in the United States. Indeed, if the seller does not have an ITIN number, the buyer must legally withhold a portion of the sale price and remit it to the IRS. Admittedly, this money can be recovered later by filing a US tax report, but having the ITIN in advance allows to completely avoid this taxation.

Obtain an ITIN for compliance to third party withholdings

Whether it’s an employer, a bank, or any other US institution generating active or passive income, you may be required to have an ITIN number. Obtaining an ITIN is therefore possible without the joint filing of a 1040NR.

If you are asked for an ITIN and you do not know where to start, contacting us to take care of everything in one stop is without a doubt the best option available to you.

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